We’ve been on the road…

with ‘the kid’  for a baseball filled summer {LOVE !} 

57 games in a month and a half!




Then we headed off for a little vacay  in Southern California!





We  hit up Hollywood…




stayed with dear  friends and 

hung out at ‘the happiest place on earth’…

where you are never too big for a hug from Winnie!




I meanwhile, took in a little Disney home & garden decor!







Seriously experiencing some topiary envy and I

love Disney’s eclectic taste in lighting!






Been seriously busy since returning home. I have so much to share, from

our gorgeous Girls Night In at Woodinville Lavender


l_WoodinvilleLavender Monica Hart


  to our pretty/new/#gray  master bedroom beverage & coffee bar! 

Here’s a preview pic  I took on my I-phone as the guys were installing!




I’m also getting ready for my LIVE Sunday segment on

KOMO Newsradio ! It’s all about LAVENDER this week and why not…since

we just returned from the beautiful fields!

I hope you’ll listen in on Sunday LIVE at 8:17 am  & 10:17!

The broadcast is available on line no matter where you live.

 You can find it HERE! I also have a big announcement about our next

GIRLS NIGHT IN! Very Exciting!

Check back for all of the fun details! Much to see & tell…Violette and Lavender Cocktail recipes too!

Missed you!