Inspired settings

Image ~ Howard Petrella

I adore edible centerpieces and this earthy,

bread bouquet, pulled together for

a recent photo shoot at

our home, is very unique and most definitely, looks good enough to

eat…don’t you think?

I can’t wait to share more about the photo shoot, in a later

post, so much fun!

Image ~ Howard Petrella

For now, I can reveal these gorgeous

images of our dining room (more to come), captured by the

incredibly talented photographer,

Howard Petrella.

What a gift, thank you Howard.

Image ~ Howard Petrella

The photos, show our dining room bathed in beautiful

natural light. The table is draped in

raw linen and features a layered, mismatched

place setting…my favorite

kind! Herbal bundles bound with twine, dangle from

the chandeliers. The herbs & olive branches just

plucked from my garden and the gardens of my sisters, Carol and

Linda. (Thank you!)

The hanging herbs are a soulful and

practical throwback to our childhood. Our

grandmother and parents used to hang their

herbs from the ceiling to dry, to later be added to

winter soups, sauces and such.

Earthy * practical * beauty.

Fresh herbs also tumble out of the burlap bags Linda and I

whipped up, a while back. The savor of

rosemary and sage scents the air. So, fragrant,

especially attached to the back of the

dining room chairs…great takeaway gifts too!

Vibrant petite bouquets of flowers & herbs

dot the table…and

individual cheese boards,

laden with petite French rolls, nuts &

apricots are almost sensual

in their appeal.

But the bread bouquet, definitely anchors the table

Image ~ Howard Petrella


The gorgeous loaves are right at home in my old French flower crate.

I searched my favorite markets for

loaves with rich and varied

colors and shapes.

Especially love the loaf, etched with the

diamond pattern…it’s almost regal.

I thought a serious herbal garnish was in order.

The loaves could be sent home with your

guests…or turned into delectable dishes.

I did both…and will share a wonderful bread

inspired recipe soon!

Off in the wings…Howard captured our

Image ~ Howard Petrella

rustic sideboard, flanked by Rosemary

Topiaries. I love our old, worn wood,

Moet & Chandon Champagne riddling rack turned,

Image ~ Howard Petrella

candle holder, faux…of course!

Just around the corner, off in the kitchen, a colorful

reminder, that fall,

Image ~ Howard Petrella

in all its brilliance & glory….is

lapping at summer’s heel. A mass of

beautiful sunflowers and alliums in an

antique French clay pot, is all the decoration the

kitchen needs.

You can see more of Howard’s gorgeous work here!

What a day…



Flowers ~ Metropolitan Market