Cheddar, Lemon & Thyme Biscuits

I’m always looking for a

quick and delicious

breakfast idea. This fare, fits the

bill, beautifully.

On Seafair weekend, I served these

‘to go,’ hot from the

oven, topped with pancetta and

homemade jam.

The biscuits were still warm, as we picked

up our dear friends, dockside

and sped out to watch the

Blue Angels over Lake Washington,

heaven indeed!

Cheddar, Lemon zest, nutmeg and

thyme, make the savory biscuits

delish. Pancetta, with a dollop of

homemade freezer


(I used the ‘sparkling’ Blackberry, Prosecco

& and Elderflower jam I made the

other day) makes the breakfast biscuits,

sweet & savory and

Bisquick makes it, well,


Here’s what you’ll need:

2 cups of Bisquick and

3/4 cup milk.

1/3 cup of freshly grated

cheddar cheese ( I love

Beecher’s Flagship)

A teaspoon of

freshly grated lemon zest

A dash of

freshly grated nutmeg

And a sprig or two of

chopped earthy thyme,

(I love plucking sprigs, fresh from the garden)

Fold the ingredients

together and divide

into 8 or 9 biscuits.

bake the biscuits for

8 to ten minutes at

450 degrees.

Meanwhile, broil the pancetta slices for

5 minutes or so, being careful not to

burn them.

Slice the biscuits with a

serrated knife, layer on a slice of

crispy pancetta (I let it

drain a bit on a paper towel)

and a dollop of jam. The pancetta

curls up, making the perfect

well for the


Unbleached wax paper makes a great

‘to go’ bag…

Just pack up the Savory & Sweet biscuits

& hit the

water or the road for

that matter.