Love the French notion….of a Palate Cleanser…A Refreshing break between courses!

And these little Mint Cantaloupe Ice scoops…are wonderful. Served them to our Dear friends…last evening…’a Keeper.’

Love the presentation…and you can plate them ahead…and let them chill in the ice box.

It all started when I found these ceramic spoons for ‘a song’ at ‘Pier 1 Imports

(actually  fifty cents a piece.)

….and immediately thought of making an icy concoction…

to serve between courses..Cantaloupe (love the color!) came to mind…

so I whipped up a little ‘Simple Syrup’ infused with Fresh Mint from our Potager

(One part sugar ~ to two parts water ~ add fresh mint leaves ~  half a dozen or so ~

bring to a boil ~ allow to cool ~ strain.)

Next… I blitzed the Cantaloupe (30 0z.) and minty syrup in the blender…like so…

And spooned it into old fashioned glass containers (love these) to freeze in the ice box.

(Chill the spoons too!)

Allow the Cantaloupe Ice to warm up a bit…then form into balls

with a small ice cream scoop…garnish with fresh mint….and serve on a platter!

So refreshing! So Simple…

So good!

Imagine all of the combinations!