Grapefruit bitters ~

I’m  always  searching for simple, retro  and

refreshing summer cocktail ideas.

On my travels I came across

Grapefruit bitters.  Hmmm…

I had never seen it 

before. Blood orange, yes…but grapefruit?

I love the old school  notion of

bitters. I mean back in the day, no

self respecting bar would have been without it.

This classic  ingredient gives

 a concentrated kick to any cocktail.

Now, the grapefruit bitters is a little spendy  but

it just takes a dash  to infuse a

raw sugar cube with

that tart & tangy  grapefruit taste. I

I popped open some good

 added  juicy  fresh

grapefruit section and refreshingly simple and citrusy,

Grapefruit  champagne cocktail. 

The bitters would also be lovely, if you


Either way, I hope you give it a try.

Found the bitters hereI think they

ship :)