I’m always looking for little ways to brighten the winter days.

Forcing flowering tree branches and shrubs, works for me.

Snip a few budding branches, plunge them in plenty of water and wait…

up to a month.

I like to call it ‘coaxing’ and it’s even better when

your local market does it for you!

(It’s like they were reading my mind!)

I had to bring home a few of these lovely quince branches.

I gave them a fresh cut and immersed them in water.

Tucked into a favorite urn and

swaddled in a burlap remnant; the vignette provides,

a hint of spring.

I love the way the shades of winter morning light,

evoke an ever changing mood.

Such joy, from three little branches…

Who knew?

I think I need to plant a quince tree!



Flowering branches ~ Metropolitan Market