The Portable Writing Desk

Call me old fashioned but there is something wonderful

about a handwritten card, note or letter.

In the age of e-mail, letter writing isn’t so much a lost art, as a diminishing practice.

And, there is no denying the power of the handwritten note…especially when applying for a job.

For me, it comes down to time.

So, I wanted to simplify my letter writing, by having the supplies at my fingertips.

I put together this little correspondence carrier,

or as I like to call it, my portable writing desk.

It’s actually a worn nursery crate.

Not conventional, I know,

but I love the faded logo and I thought it would look cool, left out on display.

Plus, the crate has so many other possibilities!

I stocked this baby, with everything needed to pen or pencil a personal note:

cards, paper and envelopes,

(Why is it our son has monogram note cards and I don’t?)

a selection of writing utensils,

return address labels,

monogram seals and an Italian magnifying glass to read the fine print

(thank you Janice!)

An inexpensive metal container keeps things organized.

A few more essentials.

That’s it really.

But now, when I want to write a card or letter,

It is all in one place.

Love that it’s easily transported to the kitchen, where I can grab a cappuccino

or the living room, if I want to write, by the fire.

Just grab the crate and go.

For now the crate is right at home sitting on one of my grandmother’s old, old Chairs.

Old school…all around.

Maybe you have a cool carrier?

I found the nursery crate here

Ciao & inspired writing,