Golden Light ~

I have a

thing, for…

lanterns and when I spotted these  on my

travels, (I really must curtail my travelling!)

I was smitten! Love the somewhat exotic

shape, the bronze gold & glass and

they play right into  my design mantra  to…

‘mix my metals!‘  I like the sophistication the

lanterns lend to our very inexpensive

sofa table. I picked up these

inexpensive ‘twine’  wrapped

 candles and thought they would

add a nice summery note.

I think the lanterns will look lovely

lighting the garden on a

warm summer night. Speaking of

garden, look what has become of

our little ‘willow & vine’

  raised  garden bed…

in just a

few short weeks!

 I know, right? The tomato,

pumpkin and

zucchini plants are tumbling over the

the sides…which need more reinforcement

(heading to the hardware store fetch some stronger ties!)

and my poor, oh so vibrant green, French

lettuce (very buttery BTW…) is

battling to hold its ground. Don’t know if its all the

rain we’ve been getting or what…but I think they

like it here.  Can’t wait for the Pumpkin vines to

spill out onto the pristine white gravel!

I picked up a few 

heirloom tomato plants to tuck in elsewhere

in the garden and

and I have a delicious & exotic  new

summer drink recipe to

share with you…inspired by my

lovely new lanterns,