Halloween Spirits ~

Hello handsome!

Look at that boyish  face. 

 Look at that sweet  smile.

How could I not name 

spirited Halloween cocktail, after the man of the hour???

Introducing, The Frankentini…

a frothy, coconut & vanilla  concoction, that is

 oh so pale  and tinged with ruby red, pomegranate syrup,

 mostly around the rim, mind you.

‘The Frankentini’ was inspired by a

Better Homes and Gardens  pin on Pinterest AND

 this tray, given to me by Miss Janice.

To give my cocktail creation life,  I added

bloody red

Italian Amarena cherries  on

silver skull picks. You like?

I’m making up a batch of these for

 All Hallows’ Eve…the Halloween classic,

‘Young Frankenstein’  playing on the telly.


The Frankentini:

1 ounce vanilla vodka (chilled)

1 ounce coconut milk sweetened with 3 tablespoons vanilla bean sugar (chilled)

 1 ounce coconut rum


For the ruby red rim, I made pomegranate & vanilla bean simple syrup

1 cup pomegranate juice and half a cup vanilla sugar….simmer on the stove top

until the mixture is reduce by half and becomes a thick ruby red syrup.

Rim the glass in the syrup and freeze.

Grab a shaker and some ice, add ‘The Frankentini’ ingredients,

shake and pour.

Thank you BH & G and thank you Miss Janice!