Dessert Drink ~

It’s ridiculously rich &

oh so frothy pink.

I’m talking about that cocktail classic,  

 The Pink Lady.

It’s a combo of:

a generous splash (half ounce) of grenadine…

which gives it

that pretty in pink  hue, my

simple syrup, (3/4 ounce) which sweetens the deal and

a drizzle (1 ounce)  of cream which gives it some

serious body!

I’ve changed it up a bit using (1.5 ounces) of vodka  instead of

the traditional gin. Just add some ice to a shaker, shake and pour.


I’m loving  the touches of pink velvet &

GOLD!  Can you believe the gold & white chevron runner is made

of paper!! It’s from Cake Kitchen Papers.


Wouldn’t this be fun for Valentine’s Day?

My classic cocktail is sure to make you



Make it a great one,