Re-purpose ~

When January rolls around…I love to

bring a bit of the outdoors IN. For me,

that means re-purposing and reusing outdoor  pieces,

 I already have, in a NEW way. R & R.

 Another example…our antique garden tool box

makes a really  fun family photo carrier.

Especially, when you tuck in a few of those

gorgeous hyacinths I keep talking about!

Uh, yes, I went BACK to the market for more!!

(I have issues…)

Anyway, an old  piece used in a new  way, 

 can be a really cool thing! BTW,

I’ll be on KOMO Newsradio tomorrow morning

in the 8 AM hour, Seattle time,  taking about how

to create a fresh  start  in your home for the

New Year.  So  excited to have my

Hart & Home

segments, carryover into the New Year!!!

Thank you KOMO Newsradio & Larry Rice!

 Hope you can listen in,