Cotton Candy Martini Drop * Monica Hart


It’s so cool  that seemingly everywhere you look…you  can spot PINK as people 

celebrate  women’s health and national Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


Cotton Candy Martini Drop * Monica Hart


Haley’s Cottage…via sister store

Heburn in Kirkland, Washington and EvergreenHealth teamed up this week,

rolling out the mobile mammogram  screening coach!





It was a party of



Cotton Candy Martini Drop * Monica Hart



Ladies who stopped by Hepburn…


Cotton Candy Martini Drop * Monica Hart


 an elegantly appointed clothing store stocked with

stylish fashions…were also treated to a pretty display of

delicious small bites prepared by GREEN APPLE Events & Catering .  


Haley's Cottage/Hepburn


 I was excited when store owner, Cindy Sullivaninvited me to take a small part in the event!

I was #inspired to come up with a FUN,  feminine pink  cocktail to go with.


Monica Hart * Cotton Candy Martini event


Nothing conjures up pink…

quite like cotton candy so…


Cotton Candy Martini * Monica Hart


Cotton Candy Pink Martini Drop anyone?


Monica Hart * Cotton Candy Martini Drop


 It’s a sweet, lady-like  libation that

that includes: cotton candy vodka, {YES, it exists!}  lemonade, my homemade

vanilla bean simple syrup and a cotton candy plume  stir stick on a striped straw! So fun!

The frothy cocktail starts out clear


 cotton candy Martini * Monica Hart


 but once you give it a quick stir with the freshly made cotton candy…


 Cotton Candy Martini Drop


It turns a pretty shade of PINK and then you have

a striped straw for sipping!


Cotton Candy Martini Drop * Monica Hart



Hmmm…perhaps Ms. Hepburn might have approved.

Audrey Hepburn

Here’s to miracles  in the fight against breast cancer.

Here’s to the importance of screening and celebrating the month of pink!



Monica Hart


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