Halloween Curiosities * La Famiglia Design


   All Hallows Eve  is r~a~p~p~i~n~g once again at our front door. Please do come in!

I cleared the cobwebs off of nostalgic old Halloween  family pieces

and welcomed a few beguiling new  ones.


The haunted  Grimsly Manor still creaks and shrieks  with bone chilling efficiency

under the watchful eye of a tortured winged creature.







Halloween * La Famiglia Design


More trickery  on this entry table!  As I was about to take pictures for you, an eerie

sort of light beamed through the transom window over the entry doors…as if on cue.

Coincidence or collusion? You be the judge.


Halloween * La Famiglia Design


A treasured old Christopher Radko Halloween garland snakes

its way through our  vintage French wooden bottle carrier while


Halloween * La Famiglia Design


 off in the distance…a beautiful & beguiling new addition to our Halloween house is cast in shadows.

It’s a Santos-like witch from my dear friend Janice!  {Thank you!}

Isn’t she beautiful in a rather eerie  sort of way?


Halloween * La Famiglia Design


Halloween * La Famiglia Design


Beautiful yes, but I’m NOT turning my back on her! I fear she has a…

dark side.


Halloween * La Famiglia Design


Just a few snippets of our  Halloween house.

Candy anyone?


Halloween * La Famiglia Design


How is your Halloween decorating coming along?


Monica Hart