Raw light

Image via Anthropologie

I’m smitten with

‘Vintage Industrial’ pieces. You?

There is something about the simple, functional & raw

appeal that…well, I can’t get enough.

And this low hanging mechanic’s ‘trouble light’ is no exception.

Loved it so much, I lugged it onto a plane,

and brought it home from southern California!

It channels, the old mechanic’s beacons

from the early 1900’s.

You know, low hanging, with a protective

wire guard around the bulb.

Only this one is tulip shaped and

oozing with delicate industrial charm!

Image via Anthropologie

I have it hanging this way

in my new cozy library corner under the stairs.

(So, Harry Potter, Privet drive.

I will post the cozy corner soon,

waiting for the Mr. to help me hang a mirror.)

And there is no electrical work required!

Plus, take a look at the ‘trouble lights’ grouped above a bed!

Industrial paired with frills…

Image via Anthropologie

love * love * love!

Anyway, you can find

the La Famiglia Daily Cool Find ~ here.