Repurpose & Resuse

A simple white fluted

pot of ours, recently received a nice dose of

R & R,  repurpose and reuse, when I

needed a little ‘dressing table’ in the

master bath. Of course, it had to have that

Venetian vibe I

love. First, I picked up a

thirty inch round of

glass from Pier 1. A good start…but there’s

more. Next, came the

luscious layering, beginning with

pretty striped paper,

featuring my favorite

blue. Another scripted & scrolled

piece, hints at travel, to

far away places.

I tucked in

ancient views of

of gorgeous Venice. Then came,

a second round of glass, to protect the

layers, followed by the

table dressings. A pair of

silver candlesticks and more

Venetian views,

bit of the

sea and something beaded, to

hold bits of

jewelry. Something personal to

tug at my

heartstrings, something

plush in espresso colored

velvet because in my

mind, things I love, aren’t limited by

the seasons…and something

organic to give the

dressing table,


I’m quite certain, the

pieces will

change, they always do and there will be more

layering and of course, a


but for now,

this little R & R project is

making me happy and as I

draw back the curtain,

I can see my

new dressing table is

safely under wraps

under glass.