Dolci ~

If you are looking for a simple yet sinful

dessert, this is it.

Pick up some good,

dark chocolate with hazelnuts and


Whisk together a little

honey and orange zest, laced mascarpone.

Add to that,

toasted and

chopped hazelnuts

And see, if you can score some dainty,


fresh currants at your local market.

Now that you have your

‘Panini Condiment Tray’ pulled together,

you can start grilling.

First I give the sliced brioche, a quick sizzle of

heat with the panini maker.

(you can do this stove top, with a grill pan)

While the bread is still hot, I layer on

A few chunks of chocolate, a smattering of

toasted hazelnuts and a sprinkling of orange zest.

I put a lid on it…and give it another quick hit of

heat. The result, well…

The chocolate melts &

oozes, the hazelnuts are warmed, crunchy &


The heat, even brings out the taste & fragrance of

the orange zest.

I give my dolci panini, a

cloud-like dollop of the honey and orange infused

Mascarpone…maybe even an extra drizzle of

honey and a tasty garnish of fresh currants.

Served on a gorgeous dessert plate…the presentation, is

almost ‘regal’ (thank you Dana!)

Are you with

me here? I think you will find my

chocolate hazelnut currant

dolci Panini,

simple to make.

You’re guests, will find it

simply sinful!