Garden Inspired Easter Brunch ~



Garden starts,  in an assortment of  upcycled

tins  make pretty little place markers at our

Easter table! Gave them a little

 g~l~a~m   treatment with




a touch of gold sequins! Plus, the tin & start  combo doubles

as a nice takeaway!   Ya want to see

more? Okay, picked up these smallish…



inexpensive burlap bags at my local feed store  and

turned them into nubby & earthy

placemats!!  Next, I added another touch of




 gold  with stripes of shiny

golden ribbon. L O V E.



For  the menu  card, I picked up some

seed packets , printed up the menu and simply



attached them with a gold  seal, another easy

takeaway  idea. For the centerpiece,  I 

went with earthy &




Crudités in glass containers, arranged in

an old berry crate. A little of that cool mint,  pea and

yogurt dressing I shared…for dipping.



 Liking  the orange marmalade &

carrot container!  But what I really love  about this 

Easter table…is that


I’ve recycled  and upcycled  what I 

already have… From those galvanized pails




I painted with chalkboard paint to

the  place card tins…



…to my Grandmother’s  soup 

dishes! So soulful!



Plus, It’s an edible  tablescape…right down

to the sweet,

sweet peas!



Off to the side, I pulled together a quick

Easter bar on our china hutch.

Why not right?




Prosecco &

thyme anyone?



There you have it, an earthy garden 

inspred take, on the



whole Easter brunch thing.


Is your table set?