A Good Egg

I’m always looking for

inspired and inexpensive 

ways to set the holiday

table. Here’s a sweet,


idea…Hollowed out organic

brown eggs with a twist.

 (This egg went into our

morning homemade waffles!)

Of course you could tuck in a few pretty

flowers and I have

But then, I stumbled onto these


 candles, in an assortment of pretty Easter

colors and thought…hmm, they might be

festive at each place setting.

So I filled the eggs with


I added a little

 ‘Easter grass’ &

speckled dark


a bit of twine & a

spring of fresh

rosemary from our garden.

Wouldn’t this make a

darling Easter brunch

table setting? It’s easy, organic,

 inexpensive and even a bit

soulful, if you

light the wick and give an

Easter blessing.

More easy Holiday

inspiration to come….