Pucker up

I love the taste of

Meyer lemon. I love it so much,

I bought a tree. The Meyer, is a tangy orange-lemon

combo, that is sweeter than traditional lemons…making it

perfect for desserts & drinks.

 I also love the taste of

Rosemary.  For the latest Girls

Night IN gathering, I decided to

combine the two flavors…to make a petite Pop 

that is a tasty transition between

savory and sweet courses.

 The Girls seemed to like it!

Here’s what I like about them…

they’re a simple, do ahead

dessert. It just takes a little Vanilla Bean simple

syrup, lemon juice and

 a few sprigs of rosemary. Promise,

these petite pops, will leave you

puckering up for more.

* Ingredients *

Meyer lemon and Rosemary Pops

The Zest of 1 Meyer lemon

About a cup or so of Lemon Juice (4 or 5 lemons)

1 cup water

½ cup superfine confectioners sugar and

½ cup vanilla bean sugar

(I make my own Vanilla Bean sugar with leftover

vanilla beans, from my

baking projects and superfine sugar. I place the two,

in a lidded container for a few days and end up with delicious,

fragrant vanilla bean sugar for drinks & desserts.)

A small glug of Corn Syrup

A few sprigs of fresh rosemary

* Directions *

 Fire up the water and sugar in a saucepan until the

sugar melts. Drop in the lemon zest, Rosemary sprigs and

corn syrup. Let the rosemary

hang out in the mixture for a few minutes and then

fish it out & discard.

Combine a cup of the syrup mixture to ¾ cup juice.

If you like it sweet…go heavier on the syrup.

 Next, get creative & find cool containers. I used a

little plastic organizer

to form my petite pops,

These little wooden skewers I

had on hand worked nicely.

You can also add a sprig to each pop or not…

 These are bite size.

Just drop in the

skewers & Freeze.

To remove the pops from the tray,

place the tray in a

scant amount of warm water

And carefully wiggle out each pop.

I popped mine into little glassine envelopes.

Kind of fun.

You could also use thyme, with

the Meyer Lemon, for these pops.

Either way, they will have you

puckering…and perhaps hankering…for a little

Meyer lemon tree…

of your own.