Mini gourds and tiny tapers ~

Love these petite, pale  white gourds. They’re

pretty enough, placed in a simple white …French  bowl, 

but when I spotted these

tiny, tiny  tapers, I thought the

the two were made for each other. I

searched around for a proper carving utensil and 

began carefully  whittling away at the stem.

The result was






Love the pop  of orange, against our

new  graphic sign, celebrating our

hometown. The gourds & tiny tapers look rather

festive on our sideboard.

Once lit, they add a 

 little understated, Halloween

vibe to the room.

I can totally see, a line of these, dancing down

our  Halloween  holiday table, one per place setting,

can’t you? I know, candles and gourds

are nothing new  but I love that the gourds are real  and

I think the tiny tapers, give the notion…a fun little twist!