Garden Delights ~

One by one, our figs are finally  ripening!

Growing figs around here it seems, is a lesson in

patience and often, ‘for the birds.’

How do they know  just when to peck?

But we have enjoyed more than a few of these beauties this summer. Truth is, I love

our fig trees for more than just their lovely fruit.

I love how they create a natural arbor over

our stairway. I love how 

they shade us from the hot sun and

provide architectural beauty

with their lichen covered limbs.

love their


leaves and top

  them with cheese and charcuterie.

So I’m not really  complaining.

Our fig trees seem to like it here…

They’ll  need another good fall trim and

we’ll tighten down the stakes. Storms are 

coming…fall is here.

It’s time to harvest,