Wicked Welcome ~

Halloween starts innocently  enough

with a few feathered

friends at our front door. My niece, Julie,

surprised me with this cool wispy  wreath and 

frightfully pretty sign.  I

knew just what to do with them. 

They work perfectly with our just planted,

Black & White  Halloween

pansies! Thank you Julie! L~o~v~e.

And as sweet as this Halloween welcome all is,

upon closer look, you get the feeling…

someone is watching  you.

Creepy, non?

Yes, there is a little ‘black magic’  afoot.

Come  inside.

The autumn  winds have ushered in an

old ‘crow’  and fallen grape leaves.

But Halloween truly unfolds, in the round,

on our entry table. Check this out.

 Another  package arrives, another  lovely Halloween

surprise, this time, from my dear friend

Janice. (I know, how lucky am I right!)

These mercury  glass, Halloween pretties came beautifully

wrapped in cello, the

little tags, gifts in themselves!

Some pieces, even illuminate …

providing night light magic.


Others, are pure…


I love all of the ethereal mercury glass pieces,

grouped together like this, so…


Thank you Janice!

I sprinkled in a few skulls & bones & things and  thanks to Janice,

‘Halloween’ hangs…from on old eerie branch.

Our over sized shell meanwhile, is draped in a ‘ratty’ 

gray cloth and holds ornaments from the

ghosts of Halloweens past.

Even our sconces are

pretty scary.

I love a little Halloween theater,

don’t you?

So happy to have friends and family who

hauntingly embrace the 

Halloween holiday too.

Frightfully  yours,