Fall’s Earthy Decor

Image ~ Jeanne Curtis

It’s fall,

in all its fabulosity and it’s

time to decorate.

Our ‘parlor’/dining room is getting a

gorgeous dose of fall.

And this tablescape, in the making, will

transition beautifully, right into


This, is how it always begins for me…a

Blank…and in this case, ‘raw linen’ slate…filled with


Next…the layers of unconventional

Fall/Halloween décor and

colors. This year, I’m going Ghostly

Gray, Willowy White and my favorite Blue.

On go the layers…

These are all, just fabric


I love making something beautiful, from

the end of the bolt.

The water stained gray velvet, says

it’s not the first run for these sumptuous textiles.

Take a look at the next wonderfully worn & chipped layer.

Found these gorgeous pair of gams, at one of my

favorite stores. (Will share where.)

They’re actually, old spindles or newel posts.

Aren’t they cool? So soulful. They remind me, of

something you would find on an old, decaying,

Haunted House porch railing.

My old standby … our vintage French

Flower crate, takes center stage.

But what to put inside the crate,

atop the spindle…candles, flowers? You could,


pumpkins are my

pick. And these blue-gray

numbers are

real beauties.  Love, love, love, the

wild stem & vine headdress.  So perfect, resting on

the worn pumpkin pedestals, especially with the rather eerie,

play of light. There is something

‘Headless Horseman’ about them…

can’t quite put my finger on it.

The ‘Great blue-gray Pumpkin,’ sits on

stacked glass pedestals.

Flanked, by a pair of  ‘fairy tale’

white gourds.

So the parlor party tablescape is

underway but by no means,

complete. I know, it’s not really Halloween scary…


Can’t wait to show you

what’s dangling above…very R & R! Repurpose

and reuse. Be back soon with

more Fall/Halloween Inspiration.

BTW, you may have noticed…we’re

spiffing up the La Famiglia Design Blog page too.

Hope you like the new revolving Headings,

with images by the very

talented, Howard Petrella Photography.

Thank you Howard.


Ghostly Gray Pumpkins and Pedestals ~ Ravenna Gardens