Basil flavored olive oil - Monica Hart


Simple Dinner Prep

 I’m talking about flavored  olive oils! So yummy, so easy and a

little drizzle here and there…can truly elevate a summer meal!


Basil Flavored Olive Oil  - Monica Hart 

This morning I ventured out in the kitchen garden and snipped some of our

gorgeous  fresh basil. Very verdant & fragrant! & SWEET!


Flavored Olive Oils - Monica Hart 

 To create my flavored oils, I simply tear a few basil leaves and let them

linger in a good olive oil for a few hours.  {BTW I’m loving this new Metropolitan Market organic oil!}


I also plucked a few of our yummy  yellow tomatoes! {Look at that color!}



Hmm…I feel a caprese salad  coming on for dinner…

drizzled with a little of my basil infused olive oil!

A little morning prep  –  goes a l~o~n~g way! I love summer days!