Cocktail Corner  - Lemon & Mint Cooler  - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design

Summer Sips!

While on vacation in Southern Cal we found ourselves in a swanky  little LA rooftop bar!

A cool lemonade & mint  cocktail caught my eye and so when we came home …

I naturally  had to try and recreate it!


 Here’s my take on the Lemon & Mint Cooler ~


Lemon & Mint Cooler - La Famiglia Design 

 Freshly squeezed lemons, fresh mint & vanilla bean simple syrup,

vodka & ice! That’s it! So Simple! So refreshing!

 Lemon & Mint Cooler - Monica Hart


Lemon & Mint Cooler - Monica Hart


Simple syrup: 1 to 1 ratio of water to sugar.

{I make my own vanilla bean sugar  with the leftover vanilla pods from my baking.}


Simmer the water & sugar on the stovetop along with a few sprigs of fresh mint…


Lemon & Mint Cooler - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


just clipped from your kitchen garden if you have one!


In a cocktail pitcher add:

 Two juiced lemons and simple minty syrup – to taste. 

I like it kind of sweet but it’s TOTALLY a preference thing. 

Next, add a shot of good vodka and a few torn mint leaves. Stir & chill.

 Lemon & Mint Cooler - Monica Hart


Meanwhile, rim a pretty glass with lemon juice and vanilla bean sugar.

Fill the glass with ice, pour  in the minty “lemonade” and garnish with a

half slice of lemon and a sprig of fresh mint. 

Black & white chevron striped cocktail size straw – optional.


Lemon & Mint Cooler  - La Famiglia Design


 Lemon & Mint Cooler - Monica Hart


This cool lemon & mint cocktail is so fragrant & refreshing! 

I hope you try it!