Garden Lighting

A rattan pendant light???

A rather unusual choice to have hovering over

our new raised garden bed, I know.

But it had that organic, French feel,

wonderful texture AND

it came in weathered GRAY!

Inexpensive too!

It almost looks like a garden cloche, doesn’t it?

We can plug it into our outdoor receptacle.

No electrical required!

Just have to figure out how to hang it….


I found some other cool outdoor lighting options for you,

just to add a little ambiance.

Love this NEW cafe light string

from Pottery Barn,

Image via Pottery Barn

with the cute metal caps.

And these wavy metal street fair lights

Image via Restoration Hardware

from Restoration Hardware.

(Might need a strand of these!)

Just something to think about.


our rather dreary Northwest weather will clear

and soon we’ll be playing outdoors.

Let there be LIGHT!