Green  Pursuits ~

In between our son’s

baseball games (love)…

I plan to spend some time in the

garden this weekend. You? There is more

Rainbow  spinach to

pluck  and flash-cook in

(It’s already bolting! Yikes!)

a little good olive oil, lemon zest and

red pepper flakes.

So pretty & yummy!

I have a few more white

lavender plants to tuck in,




Why wait?

I’m so looking forward to

mid-summer, when

the crisp white flowers of this ‘Edelweiss’

lavender variety will sway in the lake

b~r~e~e~z~e  and

 scent the air.

Edelweiss…conjures up those

pretty, petite white

flowers that flourish in

the Alpine areas of

Europe or  if you are

a classic  movie lover like me…

that sweet song from ‘The Sound of 

Music.’  Either way…

Weekend + Planting + Sunshine in the forecast =

music to my ears!

Have a great one,