Summer is knocking

at our front door and

I’m letting it in!

In fact, I dressed our entry in

a little summer  charm. It’s


Some  things just say ‘summer’  to

me, like this vintage…

blue, child’s garden chair. A great

perch for bubble

glass and bits of sea.

Summer  also brings to mind

Lazy  Sunday drives…and

laid-back  weekend  picnics, so

I hauled our picnic basket outdoors

and filled it with fragrant w~h~i~t~e

Spanish lavender. I picked up these plants for our

Girls Night In  gathering…

but they are much  happier sunning

themselves outside  at our front door.

I like how the white spires play off of our

white washed galvanized pots filled with

fragrant Tuscan Blue rosemary.

L~O~V~E the chunky rope handles!

I gave the little pots of white lavender

even more texture  by

tucking them into small,


ready made burlap bags  from my local

feed  store. I must admit, I’m feeling a little

‘sheepish’  because the nice  guy helping me

couldn’t understand why  I would be wrapping

 my plants in burlap

this time of year. I didn’t

even try  to explain…

Our old French



right at home in this

little scenario.

I freshened up our sedum

with new Spanish moss.

It’s loving the sunshine too,

as am I.

I hope you feel…


warm welcome.

What says summer to you?