At Last…

We’ve ordered the Venetian glass sconces, for our Master!

The style, is similar to the

beautiful Venetian chandeliers,

that hold court so gracefully,

over our kitchen Island.

But these are single light sconces, in a simple,

all crystal, color.

Each made to order, by hand

and initialed and dated

by the artist.

They will be mounted on

a Venetian blue accent wall,

(a color that speaks to me!)

within warm silver frames,

behind the night tables.

But there is more…

My LOVE of antique mirror continues.

So, my plan, is to mount the

delicate single glass sconces on

heavily distressed ‘antique’ mirrors.

(So grateful we have fabulous electricians!)

The single crystal light

becoming two,

in the aged reflection.

I hope the result will be


And so now, I wait…

for my special delivery

from Venice.

Some things in life are worth the wait.