May Day Musings ~

As an elementary school kid, I remember

elaborate May Day

celebrations and the dance, around

the Maypole.

I fashioned this,

simple version, for our now

16-year-old son,

back when he was in

preschool. We had a little

May Day


I remember, how our son raced around that pole with

his friends, overtaking the

kid in front of him, resulting in a tangle

of ribbons and a WWF style, take down,

back when WWF, stood for

 World Wrestling Federation, not…

Words With Friends.

A few years ago,

I dusted off the old Maypole and brought it out for

a new generation of kids.

We had a party, filled with

old fashioned fun.

Our now, teenage son, would of course have nothing

to do with, this kind of child’s play…today,

but it sure does brings back some sentimental,

 old-school memories.

Happy May Day,