Valentine's Day Garland - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


A super quick – LATE  – post.

It’s nothing really, just a sweet &

petite Valentine’s Day garland in champagne pink. LOVE

Champagne pink  for Valentine’s Day! You?


Valentine's Day Garland - Monica Hart


 I strung the little heart garland on our gold sunburst mirror in the entry.

The garland is made from a leftover paper towel roll!

Ya, getting my thrifty  on!  I just painted the roll soft pink and cut

it into rounds. Next, I molded each round into a heart shape, then punched and strung the

rounds with baker’s twine. A fun, nearly free, little Valentine’s Day project

that would be great for the kids.{ I’m pretty much just a child in maturity…}

I rounded up a few other champagne PINK hued pieces.


I’ve been BLUE & GREEN for a while now.

Seahawks Blue & Green!  #SuperBowlChamps OH MY!

Here’s a pic I posted on my Instagram the morning of the EPIC game.


Monica Hart - La Famiglia Design


The Seattle Seahawks certainly made good on their promise: #LeaveNoDoubt 

This 12th gal has NO voice left! 


Congratulations Seattle Seahawks! It’s officially…


*   *   *

Speaking of Instagram, do you love to garden?

Well, I’ll be Instagramming my way through the

Northwest Flower & Garden Show Preview Media Tour tomorrow morning!

So excited to give you a preview of the gorgeous  gardens and pass along

some INSIDE tips!

I hope you’ll follow along on INSTAGRAM at MonicaHart1!

Monica Hart