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Tassels! They’re a hot trend right now. They’re a flirty little  extra, perfect for dressing up party pieces.

AND they are so  simple to to make! My friend Pat  first taught me how to make them many years ago. Once I

got the hang of it, every pillow in the house was be-tasseled!  These days, I’m loving them on garlands.


I picked up this sparkly gold & white yarn from Martha  and thought it would be perfect for a very 




special  garland I’m creating. My sister Linda  was game to lend a creative  hand. Love, her simple tassel method. This is a pared 

down version of the traditional tassel. So here we go with Tassels 101.

Here’s what you’ll need: Cardstock, yarn and ribbon


* Cut the cardstock or cardboard to the length of the tassel you want to create.

* Wrap the board  front and back until you reach 

your desired tassel thickness. In this case, seven times.



* Next, run ribbon, yarn or twine across the top and tie it off. 



* Cut the bottom and voila…you have sweet little tassels in seconds! 




I’m working these, into that special garland I mentioned. 



Give me a ‘G’…give me an ‘I’… 

Yep, it’s for Girls Night In at Metroplitan Market in Kirland, June 13th!

Hope you can make it!

A few flowers tucked in, might be pretty too, non?