Happy Mother’s Day ~

Our son brought me a little something

he made this week,

in his High School pottery class…

A house.

A little dark mat grey…


with a shiny cream colored  roof


a little red  window.

He didn’t say it was for

Mother’s Day…or  that it was our

house but

when they get to be teenagers, there is

a lot  they don’t  say.

But think it’s for

Mother’s Day and think it is

our  house.

From  the very beginning,

this  little guy made

our house…

a  h~o~m~e.

Filling it with a burst of

of life, love &

energy  I could never  have


You  are the most important thing I have ever

been a part of  and you have given me the most

lasting & important 

name   I will ever have…


Love you!

Happy Mother’s Day!