So I took my own  decorating advice… 

warming up  our main living space, a bit  and

adding even more bits of spring!

 I did it primarily, by shopping at home, from 

other rooms in the house. Okay,

I did pick up one new sale pillow with

my fave  chevron pattern :)

BUT I borrowed  a small table from

the study.  A

great place for photos & java by the fire.

Love  these little Italian almond

 candy nougats from my sister Carol! They are

a page straight out of my childhood.

Trays & tea lights…are at the ready, for

those candlelight


Books on an antique breadboard are

waiting to be read and

 card games wait to be

played, as do other  pursuits.

Did you see the fragrant

touch of spring on the mantle?

Stocks  of cut hyacinth!!! 

Couldn’t resist.

(Guess the pots w/fresh moss weren’t enough.)

I really  do L~O~V~E them!

How could I not?

And then there are

these lovelies…

My first branches of quince…

of the season,

forced to bloom just for me.

(Not really!)

But the flowers do frame the new 

print, my nephew Brian  gave to us…quite nicely.

It depicts the signing of the constitution.

So cool! It reminds me of our visit to D.C.,

when Brian worked for a member of congress. We had

an incredible  tour of the capitol.

  I’ll never forget our son correcting

the guides on their history! I love pieces that

connect to cool memories.

Well, our family room is all

winter warm  and comfy & cozy  now, with

a pop of color and a

dash of spring.

Now all we need is a….

 snow day.