Images Via Pottery Barn

Pulling together a little outdoor kitchen space.

Not, a big built in (though they are nice.)

I’m after something unfitted, more eclectic...

I spotted this!

Totally lovinthis little Zinc

outdoor sideboard number

from Pottery Barn.


Love that it’s double decker…

zinc on top


slatted eucalyptus on the bottom.

Love the CASTERS!!!


the hardware.

Can’t you just see it,

saddled up to a BBQ,

layered with outdoor accoutrements

(potted herbs!)

and laden with buffet beverages,

dishes & delicious morsels?

Or, use it as a potting table perhaps,

the wood & zinc developing

an even richer patina over time.

I know I can see it.

Hmmm…the wheels are turning!



Pottery Barn