Ruffles & Lavender

We inherited,

this thick cement wall,

which borders our property.

It’s not terribly attractive

but I’m working with it!

I thought it could use some embellishment.

So, with just a little effort,

I created a living garden wall…of sorts.

I pulled together

a cool collection of pots.

Some are ruffled,

some are not.

Then, I filled them all

with luscious lavender!

I love lavender…you?

I love the fragrance & foliage.

I love the color

& the French/Italian vibe it gives our garden.


I can’t wait,

for my living garden wall to bloom!

I look forward to the crunch of our gravel path underfoot,

the wall dotted with an eclectic mix of pots…

unified, by one fabulous flowering shrub

AND the scent of lavender perfuming the air!

Maybe you have room

for a living garden wall.



Urns & Pots ~ Ravenna Gardens