Pantry Cabinet Revisited

The remodeling wheels turn a bit slowly at our house

but we’re making progress!

Here’s a peek,

at the vintage style glass knobs & pulls

I’ve selected for our new pantry cabinet. Do you like them?

They’re understated yet graceful.

Just the ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ dynamic I’m looking for, in our Pantry.

This is after all, a ‘service’ pantry cabinet.

(Even if I AM the butler!)

Now, my original design had to be modified a bit,

though we are still going with the cutlery cubbies,

Image via Maisons Cote est

(Love, love, love this idea!)

Okay, here’s the reason for the modification…

An electrical panel smack in the middle of the wall!

By code, you have to provide access.

(Annoying, when codes get in the way of design, kidding!)

But I decided to turn an obstacle into

an opportunity to showcase something I love…


Do you remember my ‘Kids cocoa bar’ on wheels,

during the Holiday Home Tour?

AND, I have been drooling over this beauty…

image via

for some time.

(Would love this as a sideboard

In our dining room! )

So, with my love of casters and need for access;

the middle section, of our new pantry cabinet,

will roll away, on really cool, old school,

gray, wrought iron casters.

So excited!

(I think our cabinet makers think I’m a bit cuckoo!)

The casters are on their way from New York,

can’t wait to show you!

And then, there is the cabinet color….


You like?

It’s called ‘Downpipe’  ~ from Farrow and Ball.

L-O-V-E Farrow and Ball!

The wonderful gray mimics the color of lead;

which should work well,

with the lead colored casters,

glass knobs & brushed nickel pulls.

I’m also thinking, the gray

will be a nice contrast to our existing…

white pantry cabinets,

with the light gray Farrow & Ball cabinet back ~ accent.

So the wheels of pantry progress are turning,

(literally and figuratively!)

And, I have one more little

pantry cabinet surprise to reveal.

I’ll save that for later.



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