Petite Pedestals

I’m always trying to come up with

inspired party ideas.

I thought, this very petite paper pedestal,

would be magical

at a child sized party or shower.

Can’t you just see, several of these, dotting a table,

one per guest?

They are simple to make,


and sturdy enough to hold a mini cupcake!

The base is made up of two interlocking cardboard pieces.

The scalloped top,

is made of a cardboard die cut

and covered with a cardstock die cut.

I chose a sweet soft pink topper…

but any combination

of colors and patterns would work nicely.

Here is the base form, I traced onto the cardboard.

(Trace it from here if you like…)

Simply cut a small slit in one base, from the top,

to about, half way down.

(Do not cut all the way through.)

Cut a similar slit in the second base piece

but this time, from the bottom, mid way

up the stem or so.

Then slide one base into the other

adjusting the slit depth, if needed.

unit the base stands level.

Hot glue the cardboard and cardstock to the base.

I decided to folded down the scalloped edges

one by one to create the border.

You can add ribbon and other embellishments…

I know I will.

I hope you give it a try.

Would love to see the beautiful things you come up with.



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