Day No. 1

The screech of the table saw

and the pop, pop, pop of the nail gun…

It’s day one, of our Raised Garden Bed Project

and I am so EXCITED!

The morning began,

with the materials, waiting in the wings.

Cedar 6 x 6’s, 2 x 6’s and ball post finials,

stacked, ready to go.

Finish carpenters, Wayne Holland and Randy Short,

waste no time, getting down to work.

Wayne, a celebrated craftsman,

has been with our home remodeling project

since the early days.

And I thank the Lord for that!

I remember the guys, at the hardware supply house saying,

‘You got Wayne? How did you do that?’

I have no idea,

I had a contractor’s angel on my shoulder,

when I took over the helm of

our ambitious home ‘remodeling’ project,

(we added on 4,000 square feet, and took the original 2,300,

down to the studs, with only the brick interior of a fireplace, left intact.)

before the sheetrock and hardscape ever went in.

The modest, 10 x 4 foot raised bed,

includes a graceful arch,

rattan pendant light

and cool finials.

It’s coming along nicely.

Such a joy, to watch

Masters at work!

I’ll give you an update

at the end of day one.

I hope you check back!