Raspberries & Bubbles

I love sorbet.

It’s light, refreshing, fruity and

when you pour a little sparkling

Prosecco into the recipe…

well, it’s


I made this pretty raspberry prosecco

sorbet, as a refreshing break between

courses, at our

‘Le Petite Pie’


 So much fun! Can’t wait to share

the evening with you!

Anyway, this is the elegant sorbet I

 served to the gals.

Just look at that

gorgeous color!  You can almost taste the


This is so simple to

 create. You can prepare it a few days ahead and

pop it into the Ice Box.

Make Raspberry Prosecco Sorbet as

a palate cleanser as I did or

a complete dessert course. I think your guests

will like it!

* * *


 One-fourth cup water

One and a fourth cups Prosecco

1/2-cup vanilla sugar

2 cups fresh


* * *


Combine the Prosecco (I love PINK Prosecco,

so pretty) water, and sugar in a

small saucepan over medium heat and boil.

 Add the raspberries; pull the pan off

of the heat,

and cover.

Let the raspberries hang out in the

lovely liquid for 10 minutes or

so. Press the mixture through a

food mill (makes it sooo easy) or a

mesh strainer with a spatula.

Toss out the seeds.Refrigerate the

mixture until it’s nice and

chilled. Freeze in an ice cream maker or

you can put it straight into a freezer

proof container. Let it harden for

several hours and serve!