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Is it 5 o’clock yet? Here’s an icy, tasty and slightly tipsy  little treat to send you off

into your weekend: Rose Geranium and Champagne Ice Pops.  

These pretty pops make for a sophisticated and swanky  little dessert option and they are great for prepping 

the palate between courses. So fragrant as well…bonus!  Here’s the how-to:


Tipsy Garden

Image Stefanie Knowlton

I clipped a few leaves of rose geranium from my glammed up tipsy garden 




and created a fragrant simple syrup  with one part sugar and one part 


Rose Geranium Ice Pop 

water. Simmer for a few, until the sugar dissolves.


Pull the mixture from the heat and add a scant drop of 

rose water, cool and chill. {NOTE: Rose water is potent stuff!}


Image Stefanie Knowlton 


Next, squeeze some citrus! I used lovely lemons  but grapefruit would work nicely too. Combine:

~ half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice

~ one and a quarter cups Rose Geranium Simple Syrup

~  two tablespoons champagne, preferably a bit flat…as it freezes better


Rose Geranium ice pops 


Pour the mix into a mini tray {I used an organizer tray} and chill for 25 minutes until the cubes are firm but not set.

Pop in some wooden picks and continue to freeze until ready to serve. This recipe makes about 20 mini ice pops. 


 Dip the tray underside in warm water to release. If you have organic  rose petals, they add a nice touch. {Love}
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