I you’re looking for a super budget friendly  summer tablecloth or garden throw rug, look no further than your 

neighborhood hardware store!  For $15 bucks or so, you can pick up a 6′ x 9′  painters drop cloth, a roll of

self-adhesive tape  and a foam paint brush. Now, get creative. Here’s the how-to:




 Come up with a pattern you love. I am currently obsessed with this  one. I quickly taped it off,

 {less than perfectly, I might add…Ha!}

 grabbed some leftover glittery  gold paint and went to work.




 From start to finish, the project took me all of 45 minutes  and now for the BIG reveal…


DIY drop cloth


Kind of fun, non? Imagine the possibilities! {Love} This dressed up drop cloth as a table throw 

but it is actually going to be used  underfoot as a garden throw rug for a very pretty shoot

I’m working on for TODAY’S NEST. Can’t wait to share,