It was a quick trip south….


San Francisco ,


the city by the bay…

but we managed to pack 

a lot in! You know, the usual…





& shopping!!!

Upon our SF friend’s recommendation,

We (the fam)  hit the

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for breakfast!




 We took a stroll through

iconic Chinatown!


And our son and his

friend, visited a 

few colleges…

I even managed to work IN a

work OUT with my beautiful 

niece Gina,


who lives in SF!

 I survived my


first ever spin class!!   (Actually, I loved it!) 

Check out 

the gym…located in this

amazing old theater!

We refreshed  ourselves afterwards at



 with fab

Red Velvet cake chocolate  ice tea!

Um, only 5 calories &

sooo yummy!



So, we of course added a little soy milk &

aguave syrup!

Later, it was time to do a little

home-decor  shopping! I knew this


would be my first stop… after reading

all about it, on the very  cool blog,

Apartment 34!

And HD Buttercup did NOT

disappoint! Here is a peek inside!

The lighting selection is inspired!








Love this milky



BTW…I’m totally eyeing  these gorgeous

bar stools! 

(Sorry about the quality of the photos…Cell Phone! )

H.D. Buttercup is a Brick & Mortar  store only…but

they gladly ship :)

Anyway, I asked Gina & her friends

for a little ’20 something SF Shopping Guide!’

You know, just in case you are heading to SF!

(Thank you girls!)

Here’s the partial shopping guide  list:



Jonathan Adler



which is situated on this awesome,

light strung little SF street. Magical.

So much shopping so little

time. Hope to return soon…

I am seriously a ‘SF girl’   wannabe,