Sometimes it’s nice to have a touch of

glamour  in unexpected



 places and so when I spied this pretty gold container  I


kitchen herb garden, naturally!  Love the look. Love the



  juxtaposition of earthy  herbs in a

glamorous container. What’s more, they are at my



fingertips!  A hint of  fresh mint  turns a typical ice tea into

something wondrous.  Pasta with butter and



fresh sage  is a quick & yummy late night snack.

AND the fresh thyme,  is



 perfect for those Meyer Lemon and Thyme Drops I

love to make! I’ve linked the recipe page above!

Scroll down for my new  printable recipe card!

A handful of Fresh moss  finishes off the look.



I’m lovin’ this little kitchen garden gone

glam,  you? You can find the lovely container