Lavender Harvest

After enjoying the pretty purple spires &

heady fragrance of our lovely

lavender, all summer long…

It’s time, to snip a few stocks, while they are

still at their peak and use the

flower buds in the kitchen.

A little



goes a l~o~n~g way and in

small doses, it can really add


sublime to your


I like to store the buds (organic only)

in containers,

filled with

caster sugar,

to be sprinkled into sweet hot


soulfully served, in my grandmother’s

tea cups or

iced, for that matter. AND have you tried

lavender ice cream? Sooo good!

I slip a little lavender sugar into my

Vanilla Bean recipe and it’s


The superfine lavender sugar, is

fantastic, sifted over fresh fruit &

plain Greek yogurt.

Can you tell I have a terrible

sweet tooth?

And lavender sugar is so

pretty too, especially stored in simple

glass jars. I Love how it looks on our

pantry shelves. So

‘old school.’

And when you pop the lid…

the fragrance is intoxicating!

I do the same with the leftover

Vanilla Beans. Hey, they’re expensive. This way,

you get your money’s worth!

Plus, I’ve fallen in love with the


color of  purple…

The color of kings…

the color or my University of Washington,

Alma Mater and our son’s, High School teams. It’s

no wonder, I’m smitten!

I think it’s time, to sift a little homemade,

lavender sugar goodness, into

a batch of my lavender &

lemon scones….I will share the

recipe soon!