Fall at our house


Fall w~i~n~d~s  whip up the lake and have our

Weeping Willows whirling.


Fall on the Lake La Famiglia Design


Autumn brushes up against our doors…


Fall in our garden  - La Famiglia Design


 Fall in our Garden La Famiglia Design - Monica Hart



as the last summer leaves of our glorious fig trees

succumb to fall’s inevitable embrace.


Fall comes to Our House


 Fall comes to our house


Our scrolled metal bench looks lonely sans summer pillows & pad but I find

comfort somehow in the familiar clutter of falling leaves. 


Fall our house - La Famiglia Design


fall ornaments


 I’ve pulled together a simple vintage box of Thanksgiving time ornaments,

tucked into Spanish moss with real Magnolia leaves scattered about.


 Fall ornaments - La Famiglia Design


 To help set the scene,  I’ve borrowed  a wintry suede & horn lamp from the Mr.’s study!

{Love shopping from home!}


fall ornaments - La Famiglia Design


Do you think he’ll notice?


 But I’m afraid fall is fleeting at our house.

Christmas is waiting in the wings and already starting to take shape!


BTW Sorry,  I’ve been away…college visits & producing videos for our son’s High School Football team.

I am after all, blessed to be first & foremost…

a MOM,



Monica Hart