Thanksgiving Table - caramel dipped Seckel pears

Image Stefanie Knowlton Photography


They’re a jewel  of a fruit and soooo  sweet. I’m talking about

Seckel pears…the tiniest member of


 Seckel Pears - La Famiglia Design


the pear fruit family. I picked them up at my local Metropolitan Market.

They’re SO sweet, they’re called ‘sugar pears’. I love the

yummy shades of maroon and green!

They make a perfectly pretty dessert for your Thanksgiving table, especially dipped in

super simple vanilla bean caramel….


Caramel Seckel Pears - La Famiglia Design IMG_3815


  rolled in edible GOLD  glitter… 


Caramel dipped Seckel Pears - La Famiglia Design



Seckel Pears - La Famiglia Design


and packaged in inexpensive cellophane bags,

tied with gold & white bakers’ twine.


Thanksgiving Table - Caramel dipped Seckel Pears - La Famiglia Design 

You can make these glam  little desserts in minutes and

 place one at each setting at your Thanksgiving table. Tie on a name tag if you like!


Caramel Pears - La Famiglia Design 


Okay, to make the vanilla bean caramel, simply melt the store bought caramel per the

package directions and scrape in one vanilla bean! How easy is that!


Glam Seckel Pears - La Famiglia Design 

Then quickly roll the plump pears in the edible glitter (Sur la Table) while the caramel is still hot!

To add a little earth & panache to the packaging,

I plucked real stems from our apple espaliers. So fun!

I also tied on some bling!


Caramel dipped pears - La Famiglia Design



If you really want to go all out, tie the packaged pears onto a

tree limb and let the kids…


caramel Seckel Pears - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


 pluck their own dessert!

Happy Fall!

Monica Hart