Lately, I’ve been drawn to…

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the same room, over and over again,

only  the rooms are all

different.  I know it’s odd…

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  because the rooms have different  color palettes &

 different  decor styles…making ME feel as though I’m

experiencing decor’s version of…multiple personalities. 

AND yet, something  about these rooms, is strikingly similar.

I’m trying to put my finger on it…and here’s what I

have come up with.

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While many  of the rooms include: 

neutral backdrops, a pop or two of color…

 a nice mix  of….lighting styles,

 patterns, side tables and a bit of

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here’s what they


have in common, 

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livability. Yep, that’s the common

thread, running throughout.

 I feel as though, I could really  live in these rooms.

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Could kick off my shoes, plop down on the furniture

and live.  Maybe I’m not

going a little design crazy…

after all,