It’s a bit of a mystery….

This  sentimental Swedish Christmas present from my

sis, Linda,  sent me searching for answers.

The small white plate bears the image of 

a Swedish military/battle scene?  It’s an image I also found

on medals. The wording around the rim, offered some clues.

Stockholms Stads ~ Stockhom City

Frivilliga ~ A civilian riffle, manufactured during WWII

Skarpskytteforening ~ Some kind of  Swedish/Stockholm gun club?

Anyway, the markings on the back,

led me to Gustavsberg, Sweden near Stockholm.

It’s the home of  the Gustavsberg Porcelain factory where they have been making 

beautiful porcelain pieces by hand, since 1827. That anchor, is their symbol.

Kompaniet,  possibly refers to an upscale department store in Stockholm.

Clearly, I haven’t  pieced it all together yet….more sleuthing  required.

If you have any info.. please help my solve the 


It’s cool because all of this…plays into our Swedish  heritage.  Our

Grandfather, on my dad’s side, was born in Stockholm, though I never met him.

AND our name, has military origins.

Perhaps it is some kind of commemorative plate??

Enough digging for one day.

I  think I may try and contact the Gustavsberg factory. 

Many thanks to my sister, for this thoughtful gift, which is taking

me on a historical & sentimental  journey.

I’m suddenly smitten with Swedish  blue & yellow,