Changing things up ~

As I was restyling  our kitchen a bit, for fall,

It seemed something was missing.

That missing something,  was… 


I had  pulled these  tried and true elements,

into my kitchen design remix:

a favorite  & very traditional,  bucolic painting, 

an Indonesian 

style lantern,


 wooden boards

and a dressy footed vase…nestled between

the stove burners…for utensils.

(Totally copied Jeanne,  on the stove top vase idea! If you missed it,

I featured her kitchen in an earlier post!)

BTW, these are all  pieces I’ve had for some time.

The finishes and the wear , add a subtle fall warmth to our kitchen.

It’s an eclectic  mix, from traditional to vintage to mildly exotic

and its typically just my style.

 But the remix  needed something more . It was way  too…how shall I say this,

mature…and being that I am fairly immature…I wanted to add some

fun, to the mix!!

Lately, I have found myself drawn  to

more graphic decor details, just a touch

here and there, mind you. 

 My favorite graphic design element of the moment…

New England Home via kelley Copeland Pinterest

The chevron. Love the fun,  zig-zag  pattern. 

  It  was just what I needed…to give our kitchen some Zing!

 It didn’t take long to find this….

 a little  porcelain blue & white, zig zag rug.

I plopped it down, between the stove and sink.

It’s not a big deal and I’m certainly  

staying within my color comfort zone, but…

 I like the way the  graphic zig zag pattern

  looks against our

stainless appliances & creamy

white cabinets. I also like it 

nuzzled up against our  black island. 

In either direction, it adds energy!

I gave the coffee bar a

a little chevron treatment too…with a

muted red & white frame.


I brought in a cool

lettered tray,  

  a few tiny arrangements of

colorful dahlias

and I can’t get enough of


velvet pumpkins.

And with that,

my mini  design remix,

  now has a little zing  in

its step. Are you  changing things up for fall?